Introducing Our Two Wedges: The SkyLob and HBB.

Well, the secret’s out! Turns out that magical 70-degree lie angle is the key to rocking the SkyLob wedge with a square clubface.
SkyLob Wedge

The top PGA tour player’s green in regulation rate stands at about 74%, while the 192nd-ranked player is at 61%. Consider this: the player in 192nd place misses around 7 greens per round, even though they’re among the best in the world. This statistic inspired us to develop the Skylob wedge, aiming to make it easier for golfers to hit near the green with a regular golf swing. Our goal was to craft a golf club that could be used just like any other in your golf bag. This information was taken from the following.

When it comes to golf, the usual advice is all about keeping that clubface square when you take your swings. But let’s be real, when you’re facing tricky situations like bunkers or those delicate shots around the greens, messing with your swing by opening the clubface can be a hassle. Enter the SkyLob Wedge, here to simplify your game.

With the SkyLob Wedge, you don’t need to mess around with the clubface; you can keep it square, just like any other club in your bag.

This means you can stick to a consistent swing for every shot, even in bunkers. What’s the result? A smoother, more predictable golf experience with better results every time.

This wedge is a standout with its 64 degrees of loft, 9 degrees of bounce, and a cool 70-degree lie angle. Unlike other wedges with a standard 64-degree lie angle, this one’s set at 70 degrees for a reason. It helps you position the ball closer to your feet, so you don’t have to fiddle with the clubface during your swing. That’s a game-changer for your short game, trust me.

If you’re curious to see the SkyLob Wedge in action and understand its performance better, check out our demo videos. And hey, it’s totally legit for tournaments worldwide, so you can count on it to up your golf game.

The SkyLob wedge is all about keeping it normal with your golf swing.

Yep, you read that right—you can stand normally, keep the clubface square, and swing away like you do with any other club. That’s the beauty of the SkyLob. When you’re closer to the hole, staying on target is tougher than when you’re farther away.

But guess what? You don’t have to mess around by opening the clubface for those shots with the SkyLob Wedge.

Let me tell you about the SkyLob wedge – it’s got this cool 70-degree lie angle for precision. This setup makes sure your clubface stays on track with your target ’cause the ball’s nearer to your feet.

From 40 yards away, using a typical wedge can be tough, but with the SkyLob? Swing normally toward the flag, no worries.

The HBB (High Bounce Back) wedge is specifically crafted to accommodate a regular golf swing. The beauty of the HBB lies in its acronym: “High Bounce Back.” This design feature grants you the flexibility to leverage the bounce of the golf club precisely when required, such as in bunker shots.

What sets the HBB wedge apart is its ability to offer bounce selectively. Unlike traditional wedges, the HBB allows you to engage the bounce only when necessary, particularly in challenging bunker situations. This means you can confidently execute your shots while relying on the club’s bounce to navigate sand traps effectively.

By utilizing the bounce strategically, the HBB empowers golfers to maintain control over their swings, ensuring that the club’s bounce comes into play precisely when needed, offering a valuable advantage during bunker shots without compromising your regular swing on other parts of the course.

Let’s talk about the SkyLob wedge.

But why’s it such a big deal and how does it improve your shots?

Understanding the Lie Angle’s Magic:

Don’t overlook the 70-degree lie angle – it’s crucial! This angle affects how your clubface hits the ball, making a big difference in your shots. When it’s just right, you get a square clubface at impact, fewer mishits, and more consistency.

Easy Shot Execution:

Thanks to the SkyLob, your shots are spot-on without messing up your swing. The upright lie naturally squares the clubface, so you can focus on your shot-making skills instead of fixing a wonky club.

Now, your regular wedge might need you to open the clubface for certain shots. That needs perfect timing and control, which can mess up your game. But with the SkyLob, you avoid these adjustments, boosting your confidence and accuracy on the greens.

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