Side Saddle Chipping Golf Club Right handed.



The Side Saddle Chipping Golf Club is perfect for those who want to experience a totally new way to chip around the green. This club is specially designed to help you face your target when you’re chipping, something that’s not possible with a regular chipping club.

The club itself has an impressive design that is sure to draw attention on the course. It has a 38 inch shaft and a 79 degree lie angle, giving you plenty of space to get into your desired position. The 42 degree loft helps you get the height and spin you need to accurately land the ball at the desired target.

The club is crafted from durable materials, ensuring it will withstand regular play. With the Side Saddle Chipping Golf Club, you can give your chipping shots a whole new level of precision. Get ready to drop the ball in the hole every time!

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