Enhancing Your Putting Performance: Matching The Perfect Measurement For The Right Putter Length By Height Can Drastically Improve Your Putting Statistics

Sam Snead’s Short Putter vs. The GP Putter Length Chart by Height.

Sam Snead’s side saddle putter was notably short and wasn’t specifically designed for the side saddle putting stroke. Just think, if Sam had used the GP Putter, things might have looked quite different in putting today.

Choosing the perfect side saddle putter can greatly improve your golf putting. How do you make sure you’ve got the right one? It’s all about measuring.

Firstly, consider the putter length chart. Side saddle putters come in different lengths. Pick one that matches your height for a comfortable fit.

In summary, measuring your side saddle putter is crucial for finding the ideal one for your game. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, a properly measured side saddle putter, like the GP putter, can enhance your putting skills and help lower your scores. The GP utilizing the same measurement method since March 2007 (yes, it’s been a long time, but we’re still in business), showing its reliability and success in the golfing world. Appreciating the significance of putter length, discovering the perfect fit, and mastering the measurement process are key factors to ponder.
For more than 17 years, we’ve been committed to delivering the GP putter with precise and uniform measurements, presenting a range of 14 putter lengths personalized to suit your stature. Following our guidance plays a pivotal role as it guarantees that your positioning near the hole grants you the ability to effortlessly survey both the ball and the target with a mere shift of your eyes, eliminating any need to tilt your head or make body adjustments. This refined setup considerably amplifies your accuracy when putting.

The GP putter conforms with USGA and R&A rules.

USGA letter for the GP putter

We have LEFT or RIGHT GP putters

  • 40 inches long if your height is 4’6″ or 4’7″ and 137 cm to 141 cm

  • 41 inches long if your height is 4’8″ or 4’9″ and 142 cm to 146 cm

  • 42 inches long if your height is 4’10” or 4’11” and 147 cm to 151 cm

  • 43 inches long if your height is 5’0″ or 5’1″ and 152 cm to 156 cm

  • 44 inches long if your height is 5’2″ or 5’3″ and 157 cm to 161 cm

  • 45 inches long if your height is 5’4″ or 5’5″ and 162 cm to 166 cm

  • 46 inches long if your height is 5’6″ or 5’7″ and 167 cm to 171 cm

  • 47 inches long if your height is 5’8″ or 5’9″ and 172 cm to 176 cm

  • 48 inches long if your height is 5’10” or 5’11” and 177 cm to 181 cm

  • 49 inches long if your height is 6’0″ or 6’1″ and 182 cm to 186 cm

  • 50 inches long if your height is 6’2″ or 6’3″ and 187 cm to 192 cm

  • 51 inches long if your height is 6’4″ or 6’5″ and 193 cm to 197 cm

  • 52 inches long if your height is 6’6″ or 6’7″ and 198 cm to 202 cm

  • 53 inches long if your height is 6’8″ and up and 203 cm and up

GP putter

Since March 2007, we’ve maintained the same measurements, ensuring consistency and reliability. If these measurements weren’t effective for our golfers, including myself, we would have adjusted the putter length. However, our longstanding commitment to these measurements speaks volumes about their proven success and positive impact on our golfing community.

While numerous companies offer side saddle putters, our extensive track record sets us apart in the industry. Unlike others, we offer a range of 14 different putter lengths, recognizing that individuals of varying heights require tailored solutions. Acknowledging that a person measuring 5 feet 6 inches won’t require the same putter length as someone measuring 6 feet 6 inches, we prioritize individualized customization. Unlike companies offering only limited height options, our commitment lies in providing diverse and precise putter lengths, ensuring each golfer finds the perfect fit for their game.

Now, why does the length of the GP Putter matter for this putting stroke? Well, it allows us to see both the hole and the ball without moving anything except our eyes. We don’t need to move our head to see the putting line. When using the side saddle putting stroke, we can confidently send the ball along our chosen line without pulling or pushing it. This gives us an advantage as we focus on the putt’s speed and distance.

Understanding the importance of putter length, how to determine the ideal length, and how to measure putter length it are crucial aspects to consider.

Since March 2007 we’ve provided the GP putter with consistent measurements, offering 14 different putter lengths customized to match your height. Adhering to our guidance is pivotal as it ensures that your setup near the hole allows you to effortlessly see both the ball and the hole with just a simple eye movement, eliminating the need to lift your head or adjust your body. This setup significantly enhances your putting accuracy. The GP putter complies with all regulations and standards set by golf governing bodies worldwide, making it entirely permissible for use in any professional or amateur golf tournament across the globe. Click USGA to see that letter.

In summary, the advent of the long side saddle putter has transcended being a mere novelty, evolving into a transformative technique within the realm of golf. It’s reshaping our traditional approach to putting on the greens. Height is undeniably a pivotal factor when it comes to selecting the optimal putter length, particularly in the context of the side saddle stance. Whether you’re strategically positioning yourself just six feet away from the hole or facing the challenge of a long-distance putt, embracing the concept of eye-level putting becomes imperative.

This innovative approach to putting isn’t confined to a specific distance; it’s a holistic method designed to enhance precision and performance across various putting scenarios. By acknowledging the critical role that height plays in determining the right putter length, especially in the side saddle technique, golfers can tailor their equipment to suit their individual stature and style. This customization ensures a harmonious alignment between golfer and club, facilitating an enhanced putting experience and enabling players to maneuver the greens with confidence and finesse.

Embrace the philosophy of eye-level putting and delve into the realm of finding the perfect length for your long side saddle putter. By doing so, you’ll not only elevate your game but also unlock new dimensions of accuracy and proficiency, fostering a profound improvement in your putting performance. The long side saddle putter isn’t just about length; it’s about precision, technique, and the evolution of putting in golf—bringing a refreshing perspective to the green and transforming the way golfers navigate their paths to victory.

Hey, ever thought about trying side saddle putting? Here’s the lowdown:

Hey, ever thought about trying side saddle putting? Here’s the lowdown:

First off, it’s all about better alignment. When you’re standing facing the hole, lining up your shots becomes a breeze. You get this clear, direct view that makes aiming easier. Plus, it’s kinda cool, right? Sometimes, changing things up brings the best results. If your usual putting style isn’t cutting it, side saddle could be that fresh change you need. It’s like giving your game a new spin. It definitely did that for me.

With the GP putter that has the correct measurement for your height, you’ll be able to practice for hours on end. And the more you practice, the better you get. The better you get, the more you want to do it. Oh, and here’s the smooth move – literally. A lot of folks say side saddle puts them in this smooth pendulum-like motion. It’s all about that rhythm and accuracy.

How to Determine the Ideal Length of Your Putter: Follow Our Putter Height Chart.

With the GP putter, our emphasis lies in the setup within 10 feet of the hole. It’s vital to ensure that, after setting up, you can easily glance at both the hole and the golf ball by merely shifting your eye focus. This method aims to minimize unnecessary head movements, like looking up at the hole and then back down to the ball, as well as avoiding excessive body movement during your putt. That’s why we strongly recommend adhering to the measurements tailored to your height. By doing so, you’ll prevent unnecessary head and body movements, particularly when putting from within 10 feet.

USGA measurement for putter putter lenght

The USGA and R&A don’t impose a length limit on putters. You’re free to use any length that suits your game.

Understanding the significance of putter length fitting chart is pivotal in perfecting your golfing technique, especially when utilizing tools like the GP Putter.

Knowing how to measure putter length and leveraging resources like a comprehensive putter length chart or fitting guide can be game-changing. These aids assist in pinpointing the precise putter length that aligns seamlessly with your stance, posture, and swing mechanics.

The GP Putter, coupled with insights from a putter length fitting chart, becomes a potent combination for enhancing your putting prowess. It empowers you to grasp the impact of the right putter length on your putting precision and overall game performance. By ensuring the GP Putter’s length corresponds perfectly to your physique and playing style, you foster a natural, comfortable setup that breeds consistency and control in every stroke on the greens.

Finding the optimal putter length goes beyond mere physical measurements; it’s about forging a harmonious link between player and club. The ideal length facilitates a smooth putting stroke, boosting confidence and accuracy when wielding the GP Putter.

Delving into the intricacies of putter length enhances your ability to sink those critical putts, crucial in any golf game. It’s a subtle yet vital factor that, when fine-tuned, can substantially elevate your performance on the course. Experimenting with various putter lengths, guided by a fitting chart, allows you to tailor your style, refine your technique, and amplify your mastery of the GP Putter, ensuring a more fulfilling and successful golfing experience.

What length putter do I need? Check Out Our Putter Height Chart!

This is a common question we receive. The putter length suited for you can be found in our putter height chart available on this page. Using the putter length by height chart ensures an accurate match. We’ve been using this same broomstick putter length by height measurement method since March 2007, assuring its reliability over time.

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