Shingo Katayama  Japanesse PGA 

From: Atsushi  xxxxxx <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 8:57 PM
Subject: Shingo Katayama
To: [email protected]

To whom it may concern,

My name is Atsushi  xxxx with RAS in Los Angeles and manage Japanese golfer Shingo Katayama.

Shingo came across your putter and wanted to see if he can he receive a sample putter to test out.

Please let me know.

Thank you,


Atsushi  xxxxxx
Route American Sports Inc.
2950 Columbia Street
Torrance, CA 90503
310-781-1111 office
310-781-1112 fax

Shingo Katayama with the GP putter

From: Atsushi  xxxxx<[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 2:26 AM
Subject: RE: Shingo Katayama
To: Patrice Dionne <[email protected]>


Shingo used your putter last weekend and finished 2nd place in Japan.

He asked that you provide him a duplicate back up putter.    

Thank you,


Shingo with the GP putter

Michael Smith gracefully wields a magnificent 53-inch GP putter, an extension of his stature towering at 6 feet and 9 inches.

From: Michael Smith <…………@…>  @themikesmithway
Date: Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 8:14 PM
Subject: Mike SMith
To: Patrice Dionne <[email protected]>

Patrice –

I just wanted you to be the first to know that in the last 4 weeks, I shot a 64 followed by another 64 two weeks later, and then, just last Friday I shot a “61” – all, of course, using the GP putter!

How would you like me to send a testimonial or put it out there on social media?

I’m happy to do whatever you would like….


Mike Smith

From: Michael Smith <………..@….net>
Date: Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 1:47 PM
Subject: Re: 3 Head cover
To: Patrice Dionne <[email protected]>


Thank you Patrice!

You are a great man and have an unbelievable product!  I can’t believe why more people won’t just give it a try?  They are nuts not to give it a whirl.  
Look what happened to me……scratch golfer…….who always putted with a Scotty Cameron because that was what all good golfers did, and then I watched your video, and tried it, and have “never” even considered going back to conventional putting.  I think this is the way we should aim and toss a ball – basically, by looking with both eyes at the target like in almost every other sporting event.  I have never put down a line on my ball or even attempted to line up the word Titleist or Taylor made logo on the ball – I haven’t had to.  I just stand behind the ball, take a look, and go!  and I make putts!  I am now a +3.9 handicap, and I hit the ball the same, and Im 53 years old!  It’s the putting!  The ball goes in more often, and I never miss any short putts that
ruin your round.
Thanks for sending the head covers!  Maybe we will do something together
Mike scores GP putter
Mike with the 53 inches GP putter

This was taken from this website

GP Face On / Side Saddle Putter

ole gray

Have you ever wondered about putting side saddle and your name is not Sam Snead?  Well there are putters out there that give you a chance to rock your world with a totally different stroke. Of course you have the old belly putters and or chest putters aka titty putters which by the way are still legal, if you don’t press on your belly or titties. You still have to look side ways down the line with those two. With the side saddle style you are directly facing your target which places both of your eyeballs squarely down the line.  Good stuff! Especially if you have a crick in your neck from your old lady smacking ya with a frying pan. In the next few weeks I will be giving you my thoughts good or bad on how this putter works for a north Georgia country boy. I’m going to warn you up front my grammar at times would have Grandma Gertrude dropping her false teeth on more than one occasion. Anyways hang on and let’s fire this sucker up!

The version  (GP) that I will be reviewing comes from Mr. Patrice Dionne.   Watching his videos you can tell this style putter is not his first rodeo.   He rolls the rock extremely well so if you have time you might check out his style. 

The putter is very basic and simplistic with design.  Nothing but a couple lines to help frame the ball and that’s it. It has somewhat of a #7ish look with the two fangs sticking out the back.  Works OK with picking up balls.  I’ve had better picker uppers but it will get er done.  It’s not a wide putter, in fact it’s narrow looking down at it so don’t be expecting no big foot to jump out at  ya. 

The face has a good looking mill texture to it!  Somewhat of a click sound when contacting the ball and some of my videos coming later will give you a hint of what I mean. 

The bottom simply has the GP logo with Mr Dionne’s name.

Now the head cover is show nuff uptown with the nice magnetic closure system.  Very nice and well made so big thumbs up for you putter cover mothers.  

You can order these putters to match your height.  It’s a two grip system which I’m sure you long putter HO’s are familiar with. 

Ok yesterday was my first day on the course with this puppy.   I had about thirty minutes on the practice green before teeing up so basically I was raw as a good case of hemorrhoids. Man you talk about stinking up the joint it was nasty!  I think I had only two (two putts) and the rest were three jackers and worst.  Hell old Uncle Ben’s blind mule could have rolled the ball better than I did yesterday.  This front face putter’s butt was drawing up tighter than Dicks hatband when I walked past a pond.  Just a little bit frustrated.  Ok so I went home and dug out the videos of ole Patrice Dionne doing his magic.  I found out I was putting the ball too far back in my stance.  Dumb ole fart!  

Today was soooooo much better.   Not ready to be a demo expert for Mr. Dionne yet but I saw some drastic improvement.

Front Nine:  Two 3 putts, Five 2 putts, & two 1 putts = 18
Back Nine: Six 2 putts, Two 1 putts & One chip in = 14  
Total = 32

I shot 43 + 38 = 81 today using this face on technique.   Not bad for day two!

If you’re looking for more info stay tuned as I will have some videos coming up in the near future.


From: Michael Birzon <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, May 6, 2018 at 11:25 AM
Subject: Side Saddle Putter
To: [email protected]

First, I want to thank you for making a great putter. I play on the Golf Channel Am Tour and although I am a high-handicap golfer, I have used the GP putter to great advantage. Over the past 3 years, the putter has allowed me to win 14 tour events, including 3 major championships (The Disney Masters, Kiawah Island Masters and the Trump Doral Masters in my division).

The Golf Channel Am Tour has hundreds of players at each event and to date, I have not seen anyone else side saddle putting. I am always asked, ‘Is that legal?’ or ‘How long have you been putting like that?’  We have various manufacturers come to the events and I would encourage you to bring your great club to the attention of the players. Thanks again for making the GP Putter!
Dr. Michael Birzon
Attorney at Law
Florida Insurance University
PO Box 952379
Lake Mary, FL 32795
(407) 927-1235
(407) 386-6454 FAX
NC License 6511


Name: Eric H. Gjerde
Email: eri……[email protected]
Hello Mr. Dionne,

I had joined the Beverly golf and Tennis club two years in  Massachusetts and started to play golf at least three times a week this past year.  Lets just say my game was a bit rusty.  I was a scratch player when I was 15,16, 17  and on my high school golf team. I left the game to have a family and build a career and pick a college that did not have a golf program. I love the game but when I returned I developed the yips.  I could not shake it.  I would get comments that I have the swing of a 2 handicapper but I putted like a 20. I agreed with them. Anyway I met a fellow by the name of Dave Modugno club member who purchased your putter.  He elected to customize his own face on putter but let me use his. The GP putter has lowered my handicap to a 7 and all the guys in the club say I should be a 2 handicapper right now.    I am very surprised not more people are playing with your putter or at least side saddle.  Wish you the best of luck.  Everyone knows the secret to my success.  I am planning on being a scratch golfer next year.   I was also very good student in physics so I knew just by watching your videos you had a very good idea.

Wishing you a successful 2018!

Best of luck promoting your putter.  It is very well made.

Everyone comments about the quality.


Eric H. Gjerde

Dear Pat (or Patrice?),

My new putter arrived on 12/5 as scheduled. I was delighted by the craftsmanship, the materials and the beauty of it; it is a first class putting instrument. In that regard it can easily hold its own with putters from major manufacturers. In addition, I was born and raised in Durham, NC, so it’s neat to have a custom (boutique?) putter made in Raleigh. I consider it a good omen that the first putt I tried on our course was a 40 footer that I drained! My wife’s jaw dropped. I just shrugged.

I’m a 71yo retired physician (Duke Med School ’66) living in CA to be near our son and his family. We live on a golf course in a 50+ seniors development. Not that long ago I carried a single digit handicap, but for the last year I have suffered from the yips. I do have a mild intention tremor affecting mostly my left hand, but I became unable to control my right hand in the putting stroke. I would miss a 40 foot putt by 10-15 feet to the right due to an uncontrollable spasm in my right hand. I had to grind over two foot tap-ins, and I began to record 40-putt rounds. The birdies I once made became a thing of the past. I stopped competing because I was only contributing to prize funds, with no chance of winning anything. My handicap is now in the 12-14 range, and recently I often couldn’t come near playing to that. Of course I tried everything: left hand low; claw grip; belly putter; Kuchar lock to left forearm; Michelle Wie bizarre crouch; mid-length counter-balanced shaft, etc. After watching your video, I tried using my belly putter face-on. Although the shaft angle is much greater than 10 degrees, I immediately improved, but as you might guess, I had lots of topped putts because the heel was too high off the ground. You have provided me with a device that is designed for face-on putting and is even customized for my height. I’m on my way. The worst part is the furor that develops when my buddies see me putting face-on for the first time. Lots of trash talk that is distracting: “What the H…?”; “That’s not legal, is it?”; “Wait until 2016!” and so on. I’m telling them “Leave it for the 19th hole, will you? I don’t carry on like this when you putt!’” I’ll let you know how my handicap drops.

Thanks again,

Hi Pat
I just want to drop you a line to let you know that: a) I got the putter and b) I think with just a little practice my putting will improve tenfold! I have been playing for 55 years now, and have always been a pretty good to good ball-striker, but my putting is ridiculous. I once had a putting lesson at my club in Dallas, TX from the pro who knew that I hit the ball really well, and he told me confidently that he would have no problem helping me with my putting (for some reason, instructors seem to feel that if you hit it well it will be easy to get you to be a good putter–NOT SO!). He had me hit a few putts toward a hole about 30 feet away in a level part of the putting green–just to get a feel for where I was. After about 3 of them he said to me “Are you trying?”. It’s never got much better, even with 7 summer’s worth of teaching for Dave Pelz (I can observe you putt and make sound recommendations as to technique and procedure, but I have never been personally able to get the line and speed together). Enter your method. I have tried it a few times on the practice putting green this week, and the results have been unbelievable. Originally, I had a bit of difficulty aiming (until I reviewed your website and watched you set up. I was keeping my head more or less centered over my body. Now, I am having no problem lining up the head and my direction is virtually never off now (I used to miss 5 foot putts +/- 6 inches on a routine basis with conventional putting–my face rotated way more than I wanted it to, obviously. I am no longer pushing or pulling my putts–even the long ones. My distance control has also been much, much better. I started with the short putts (around 6 feet as you suggested) and got good at them quickly. I felt I had to try the stroke on longer putts to see if it would be as easy to keep the balls on line. I am already able to hit my 3 balls from 40 to 45 feet inside a 3-foot circle pretty routinely (I still have the occasional mishap, but even then it’s within make distance for the next putt), and often burn the cup and occasionally hole one of those. Even on the practice putting green, that rarely happened to me–even with all of my experience. I have tried very short putters, body putters, long putters, wrist (or pop) putting, left hand low, split grip, different tempos, wide stances, narrow stances, mallets, blades, shoulders start putt, arms start putt, looking at the hole while putting, eyes closed, even left handed! I even tried the side-on putting once, but my technique was poor and I found that I got the putter shaft hitting my torso and the arm not being able to go back far enough to hit a putt over ten feet. In short, if there was a method out there, I probably tried it and with little to no success. Back in the days when I used to keep my stats on putting more than I do now, I used to 3-putt one green in four that I hit in regulation. Or, roughly 3 to 4 three putts a round.

One more thing of interest (well, I found it interesting). Since you end up tilting the shaft to vertical, your putter can be used as either a left handed putter or a right handed one. See for yourself the next time that you are out playing around on the green. It may look a little odd as you are setting up, but after you do get set up, it’s the same. For a right hander to tilt the shaft to vertical, he leans the shaft 10 degrees from slightly across his body to upright by pushing the handle toward the side of his body. If you use the putter left handed, you must pull the shaft from away from your body toward you. But, the result is that the shaft is straight up and down, the toe is down and the heel is up (although the toe is now close to your body), and the ball is centered in the putterhead. If you try it, you will see that from that point on, it doesn’t make any difference. If I am missing something, please let me know. That’s it for me. I am going to have my brother try this method (this weekend will be his first effort). If possible (well, it is) he is even a far worse putter than I am. He has a lot of hip motion in his putts (he uses a body putter now–with little to no success), rotates the putter an enormous amount during his stroke and almost never, ever gets a putt over 20 to 25 feet inside 4 feet! From over 30 to 35 feet, he often can’t get the ball within ten feet of the hole! I believe that your method will almost force him to quiet down his body (there isn’t even a hint of a need for body motion using this method of stroking the ball), and he should be able to keep his face very square to the line during the entire putt. He is my height, but a left hander, so it will be interesting to see if he can use my putter while he is learning the system (his putter has a pretty flat lie angle and I think that getting his shaft straight up and down will leave the putterhead way too tilted.) We’ll see. I am sorry to go on so long but you have made me a total convert after less than one week of trying the putter. I anticipate great success after I have had time to really acclimate myself to the putter and the method. Thank you again.

Art Smith

Customer Review email

From: Jeff Blake <………@……>
Date: Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 12:03 PM
Subject: Review
To: Patrice Dionne<[email protected]></[email protected]>

I rarely ever review anything online but, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I purchased one of your putters about 3 months ago thinking you and I BOTH were crazy! But it was either find a cure for my putting woes or quit the game.

Well thankfully, neither of us is crazy and I am putting better than I have in years. And with only 3 months of practice. I can’t wait to see how much better I can get with this thing. I went on a golf trip with 15 friends last week. I was laughed at on the first day and passing out your business cards on the last day. lol I cannot for the life of me figure out why there hasn’t been more pros at least attempt this form of putting.

I’m thinking of getting my 5 year old to start putting this way NOW. He loves the game and is the only reason I haven’t quit the past couple of years. If he were to spend 15 years putting like this it’d be like shooting fish in barrel. Anyway……great product, great videos, and I am now your unofficial salesman.

Best wishes,


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