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The side-saddle GP putter is the way to go and legal in 2023. The GP putter WILL dramatically improve the way you putt. Look at our videos and you will understand why this putting technique is easy to master while still being 100% legal for any golf tournament in the world. 

The GP putter is been on the market for over 16 years and counting!

GP putter

Why I putt using the side saddle putting technique? Well to make a short story, I was not a good putter because of my vision problem when using a short putter. But I noticed that when I setup from the side, I would see and think that my putter head was aiming exactly to the middle of the hole. However, when someone would hold my putter in place and I was able to look from behind it, I would CLEARLY see that my putter was NOT aiming at the hole. Therefore, I decided on the following drill to try to fix this issue! On a straight line putt from 1 foot to 6 feet I would try to make 3 putts from each 12 inches distance up to 6 feet distance. But when I would miss one putt I would start the process all over again. I never did succeed in making those 18 putts in a row from the normal putting stance.

Head cover of the side saddle GP putter

After continually trying this drill over and over and not succeeding, I mentioned this to my brother.  He said STOP complaining and invent a putter that works like your “side saddle / face on chipping golf club” that you successfully invented. So I followed his recommendation and you can now see from the videos that this has REALLY changed my putting drastically. FOR THE BETTER!!

As you may know, putting represents over 40% of your score in golf. So, it is VERY clear that we all need to improve this very important part of your game. I practiced from inside 10 feet 90% of the time because the statistics clearly show that we have 50% of our putts from inside 6 feet. Almost every time you 3 putt it because you miss your second putt from inside of 6 feet to the hole. Lagging your putts is easy if you are very good from inside 10 feet this gives you a big bucket to aim at. Like I mention in the videos, I concentrate on the speed and distance of every putt after carefully selecting my target line to inside the hole.

My recommendation is that when you receive the GP putter find a straight line putt of 6 feet and putt 100 balls from there. This will do a few things for you. You will find a side saddle putting stance that is very comfortable for you and therefore, you’re putting stroke will be both consistent and accurate. After doing this 100 times, you will then clearly know if you correctly setup for that target line the ball will go on that line. We don’t open or close the putter head at all during the putting stroke. Click here for the basic side saddle setup.

Just make sure you thank everyone when they say good putt 😉 This is the fund part of the game.

Now for a normal golf swing of the HBB 56 degree wedge! Why should I be interested in that HBB wedge? For a few reasons, the bounce on the wedge was invented in the 1930’s and the reason they place the bounce at that location was to prevent the club from digging into the sand. We designed the HBB wedge with the bounce in the back. Therefore, if you open the club a little or place the HBB head in the front of your stance then you just get the bounce that you need in the bunker. The main difference between the HBB and a regular wedge is that we have use of the bounce only when we want it. When you are in the middle of the fairway we don’t use the bounce of the club and for this reason we are able to have a good descending blow on the ball that generate good backspin with a very nice divot.

HBB 56 degree wedge

Improve Your Putting Drastically: Top 4 Procedures to Stop Pulling and Pushing Your Putts

Introduction: A Quest for Precision

There's something magical about watching a golf ball roll effortlessly across the green and drop into the cup. As golfers, we strive for that satisfying moment where our putts hit their mark with precision. Yet, the frustrating reality for many of us, especially those over 30, is the maddening tendency to pull or push our putts off-course. Fear not, fellow golfers, for this article unveils four game-changing procedures to kick those pesky habits to the curb and elevate your putting prowess.

Procedure 1: Understanding the Root Causes

Picture this: you stand over your putt, feeling confident, but as you swing, the ball takes an unexpected turn. Sound familiar? It's time to dig into the "why." Pulls and pushes often have sneaky culprits—misalignments, wonky setups, or even a mind grappling with pressure. My own experience on the course taught me that identifying the root cause is like deciphering a golf mystery. Once you pinpoint it, you're on your way to nailing those putts.

Procedure 2: Reinventing Your Alignment

Aligning yourself correctly is akin to plotting the course on a map before a grand adventure. The greens are your playground, and your eyes, shoulders, and feet should face the target like a squad ready for action. The "ah-ha" moment struck me during a tournament. I realized my wayward putts were often due to my vision that was off-target. A change in my putting style fixes this issue.

Procedure 3: Engaging the Pendulum Motion

Ever watched a pendulum swing back and forth? That rhythmic motion is your secret weapon against pulls and pushes. Think of your arm as that pendulum, maintaining back-and-forth motion. I'll admit, I once fought this idea of trying this putting stroke. The result? Straighter strokes and fewer hair-pulling moments.

Procedure 4: Practicing Mindful Visualization

The mind can be our greatest ally or fiercest opponent on the green. Enter the power of visualization. Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine the ball rolling effortlessly along your intended line and nestling into the cup. This mental movie primes your brain for success. A friendly tournament once taught me the value of visualization. By seeing success, I reduced nervous jitters and let my muscle memory take over.

Conclusion: A New Putting Reality

Embarking on the journey to better putting is like stepping onto a new fairway of possibilities. Armed with these four procedures, you're equipped to conquer pulling and pushing tendencies. Imagine stepping up to your putt, the thrill of a straight and true stroke coursing through your veins. With your alignment in check, the pendulum motion your trusty ally, and visualization in your corner, you're ready for a putting revolution.

As a golfer, I know the battle against errant putts is real. But it's a battle worth fighting. Implement these procedures, feel the transformation, and bask in the glory of sinking putts with newfound confidence. As you practice alignment, embrace the pendulum motion, and visualize success, you'll watch your putting game soar to new heights.

Time to Take Action

So, here's the deal. The next time you step onto the green, remind yourself of these four procedures. Root out the cause, align like a pro, swing that pendulum, and visualize triumph. Pulls and pushes won't stand a chance. Your putting journey is your story to tell—will it be one of frustration or triumph? Embrace these procedures, and start writing a tale of putting excellence that will leave you and your fellow golfers amazed.

Click this link for the PDF letter of the USGA

USGA letter for the GP putter

USGA letter for the GP putter
Side Saddle GP putter long view
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