We Answer Your Questions About the Side Saddle GP Putter Design

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Discover the distinctive features that make the Side Saddle GP Putter stand out among other side saddle putters.

Our innovative putter head design sets us apart by enabling a unique putting experience with the shaft positioned straight up (plumb). This ingenious design results in a flawless pendulum putting stroke, where the need to open and close the putter head is eliminated.

In contrast to conventional putters that may cause unwanted movement during the putting stroke, the Side Saddle GP Putter ensures a more consistent and controlled experience on the green. Regardless of the putter you’ve used in the past, our specialized design prioritizes stability and precision, providing you with a distinct advantage in your putting game.

Explore the world of side saddle putting with the Side Saddle GP Putter and revolutionize your approach to putting. Say goodbye to the challenges associated with opening and closing the putter head and embrace a smoother, more reliable putting stroke for improved performance on the greens. In our FAQ video, we delve into the key reasons behind our ability to maintain a square clubface to the target line while putting. This addresses common concerns related to pulling or pushing putts, ensuring a clearer understanding of the putt’s direction and minimizing misreads.

Have you ever contemplated experimenting with the side-saddle putting stroke?

If not, here’s a compelling reason why it might just revolutionize your game: Enter the GP putter, designed to move the golf shaft seamlessly along the path you envision for your ball, ensuring that the putter head stays square to your target line throughout your stroke.

In the realm of putters, including the innovative GP, a minimum 10-degree lie angle between the putter head and the shaft is typically required when placed flat on the green. However, there’s a crucial nuance to consider: when putting with the putter head flat on the green, it often induces an open-and-close motion of the putter head, disrupting your shot, irrespective of your preferred putting style. This tendency is a common culprit behind putts deviating off course, leading to frustration on the greens.

Enter the game-changer – the side-saddle putting stroke. This distinctive technique addresses the aforementioned issue by allowing the shaft to maintain a more upright position, thereby ensuring a consistent putter face angle throughout your entire stroke. The result? Enhanced accuracy and increased control over your putts, mitigating those exasperating moments when putts unexpectedly swerve off target. This transformative approach not only promises better precision but also diminishes the likelihood of pushing or pulling your putts astray.

Consider incorporating the side-saddle putting stroke into your repertoire, especially when wielding the GP putter. The marriage of innovative design and technique could be the key to unlocking a more reliable and effective putting game, ultimately contributing to a more satisfying golfing experience. So, why not give it a shot and witness the positive impact it can have on your putting prowess?

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