Basic setup for the Side Saddle Putting with the GP putter.

What’s important when we putt with the side saddle putting stroke is that the GP putter shaft is straight down at address. That means we have created a perfect pendulum stroke we never open or close the putter head during the putting stroke. You will not hear somebody saying I pull or I push my putt.

It doesn’t matter which putter you’re using everybody reads the green behind the ball before they putt, the big differences when we set up with the side saddle GP putter we are still behind a ball that means we are using binoculars vision so we see the line better and because of the binoculars vision we are able to gauge the distance and the speed of that putt a lot easier.

All 3 Golf Clubs

GP putter & two Wedges $379

SkyLob Wedge

SkyLob 64 Wedge $135

GP putter

GP Putter $279

Demo of the HBB 56 degree wedge

HBB 56 degree wedge stands for High Bounce Back we are using the bounce on the HBB only when we open the club for the bunker shot.


All 4 Golf Clubs $419

Side Saddle Chipping Technique

Chipping Golf Club $135

HBB Wedge 56

HBB 56 Wedge $135

Shingo Katayama with the GP putter

PGA Pro Shingo Katayama is a Japanese golfer. That use the side saddle GP putter in Japan.

You will be able to read is wikipedia info by clicking this link Shingo Katayama


You will be able to see multiples side saddle putting youtube videos on the web. But none of them are able to putt with the putter shaft straight up. The reason we want to this is to prevent to open and close the side saddle putter head during the putting stroke. With the GP putter you will not pull or push your putt. 

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